Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Zealand's hidden story of the Super Celts

In a thoroughly well researched article published in the NZ Herald earlier this week, irrefutable evidence of New Zealand’s distant past being occupied by a race of super Celts was put forward by the brave, objective, underdog researcher Dr Martin Doutre. Well, perhaps in reality he cannot use the title ‘Dr’, but that is only because the academics and the PC, New World Order (UN) nanny state that is New Zealand’s government argue that that title can only be earned by years of “hard work” in mainstream (PC) “universities”. Credentials aside, the tireless efforts of New Zealand’s most distinguished astroarchaeologist, metalinguist, ultrageneticist and conspiracy-quashing historian has continued to cause gasps of wonder and skips of glee among the country's more intelligent citizens such as ACT voters, MENZ supporters, and Garth George.

In this insightful article, Doutre reports on his scientific findings, which involve sophisticated survey methods using a measurement unit Doutre invented to accurately record Celtic landscape symbolism, and thus escape use of pesky orthodox PC academic survey methodologies which manipulate the results to hide the Celtic truth, on a number of large boulder-like artefacts found on a hilltop in Silverdale under development. Doutre and fellow ex-child prodigy Russell Ireland state “It sparked a lot of mystery over how they got there ...They were concretion boulders, which can only form in sea sediments, yet they had made it to the top of this high, yellow clay hill." Obviously, as will be evident to the other enlightened geniuses who-know-the-truth reading this, they obviously cannot be natural. Furthermore, Doutre comments on his empirically tested findings that:

“Some boulders showed ancient etchings of geometric designs similar to those on structures in Britain dating back to 3150BC.”

Here, the evidence cannot be denied. 3150BC is a long time ago, longer ago in fact than the PC academic generated dates of “first settlement” at around 800 years ago. Therefore, this race of super Celts must have been the original occupants of New Zealand and left their indelible impression across our landscape via their advanced surveying systems involving suspiciously positioned basalt boulders in volcanic fields and manmade concretion boulders such as the ones uncovered in Silverdale. What evidence remains of the nuclear powered technology the super Celts used and their citadels which could be as tall as 500ft and made of titanium-diamond alloy is unclear, though it seems painfully obvious that the latter inhabitants or “indigenous” peoples must have systematically defeated them and then carefully covered up all of the evidence so that people in the future with communist agendas such as academics, Labour and the Greens could continue to hide the truth from the public.

Perhaps the only thing in which the Herald journalist who wrote the article got wrong was the couple of sentences at the end devoted to the views of the “Geological Society” spokesman Bruce Hayward who makes some strange attempt to use something called “geological science” to dismiss Doutre’s truth-fuelled evidence. In what can only be described as a divisive and misleading tactic, Hayward comments that the boulders “were 70 million years old and pushed up from the sea floor and the enclosing countryside eroded over time, leaving them exposed.” If only this man was as enlightened and genius as we seekers-of-the-truth are, he would realise the far more simpler explanation is that the super Celts hauled the giant round stones out of the ocean, across the landscape, and up to the top of the hill where they commenced inscribing bulldozer-like marks across them as markers of the suns journey across the landscape.

This recent publicity marks a small win in the ever arduous task of educating the public to the vast PC conspiracy underway in our fair country and the true nature of New Zealand’s prehistory – one filled with super Celts.

Autocad imagery of scientific survey results of Celtic surveying patterns for equinox.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Constructing Realities: The truth behind the Flat Earth idea and why the conspirators are tying to keep the truth from you

Contemporary science has for centuries argued that the earth is a sphere situated in space and held together by “gravitational forces” in orbit of the sun and within the “solar system”. Of course we enlightened geniuses know better. This unthinking assumption is based on flawed evidence and the political agendas of a handful of elites which aim to pull the wool over the public’s eyes in an attempt to forge their New World Order. The government, mainstream media, and of course those blinkered academics are all agents of disinformation trained in their uncompromising belief to defend this fallacious status quo. But there are a few of us enlightened geniuses who know the truth. The evidence points irrefutably towards a flat earth situated not in “space”, but on an infinite flat landmass.

The unenlightened and unintelligent critics will ask “but how do you explain being able to travel around the earth in a circle? How can you explain that if you head west long enough you’ll get back to the point you started at?” The answer is simple: when you get to a certain point you reach a giant dimensional wall which teleports you back to the other side of the earth. It is incredulous that such a simple explanation is rejected out of hand by the so-called “scientists” who try and convert us to their lies by pointing to a mountain of mutually compelling evidence. These “scientists” and “rational thinkers” also try and use “logic” to manipulate us from the truth and employ divisive tactics such as the use of “Occam’s Razor” stating that the answer with the least amount of premises – the simplest answer - will usually be the right answer. I’m not sure who this “Occam” is, but I bet he’s hired by the government.

Further lies these academic disinformationists will produce involve the theory of “space” and the theory of “gravity” in trying to criticize us, the enlightened geniuses. These theories are just that: ideas. These “scientists” try and argue that ‘theory’ in an academic sense has a different meaning than to everyday use – that it describes a hypothesis that has been tested against all the available evidence and still works and may therefore be taken as truth. This is just another divisive tactic to throw us enlightened ones off the scent. Lets address the issues of “space” and “gravity” first before moving on to further evidence of the flat earth.

Scientists, due to their political agendas, argue that there is this “space” outside of the earth. They flaunt their “university degrees” around as though they are some kind of experts or authorities on a given specialization or “discipline”. Of course again we enlightened geniuses know the real truth which they don’t want you to know. That at “night” when the “stars” are out the uncritically thinking masses believe they can see this “space”. What they are really seeing is a giant painted sheet which is hung over the world by an ancient order originating with the Celts and their superior ancient nuclear-capable technology. This ancient Celt-like order has lasted the hundreds of years since the beginning of the world and has members of every government in its control. There are hundreds of people out there who, like me, know someone that knows someone that knows someone who worked first hand with this giant sheet contraption. Thus the ‘theory’, or idea, of “space” is false. This is further attested by a wealth of pseudo-science (aka the real science) links which have been put up on the only reliable (due to its not being controlled by the academics) medium, the internet, and authored by a plethora of experts such as video store clerks, researchers who have not been brainwashed by attending any university, entrepreneurial business men, and other white affluent men.

The second ‘theory’ or idea put forward by “scientists” to trick the masses not as enlightened and genius as we, is the ‘theory’ of “gravity”. They propose that this force holds things together and stops us from flying off the “planet”. Of course anyone who knows anything about pseudo-quantum physics (aka the REAL quantum physics) will tell you that this is just a lie put forward by the ancient technologically advanced Celtic order to brainwash the public, via the media and academics, into their New World Order. The truth is that if there is no space, as proven by the giant sheet contraption, then there is no gravity. In the infinite flat landmass on which earth resides, there is nothing to fall into or float off. This is further evinced by passages from the Bible and other completely believable ancient texts which are not the theological writings many suppose, but a highly accurate recording of historical events which have been coded so as to escape persecution by the ancient Celtic order which seeks to lie to humanity for political gains.

The evidence for a flat earth is here completely irrefutable. Anyone who disagrees is obviously one of ‘them’- a disinformation agent (academics, government officials and organizations, “critical thinkers” and “rationalists”) or someone badly sucked into the status quo who we enlightened geniuses should all feel sorry for and look down on for their stupidity. It is time for we enlightened geniuses to come forward blowing the brass trumpet of truth. Will you join us?


How to become a multidisciplinary expert in ten easy steps

During my many hours of google searches on conspiracies orchestrated by the New World Order, or as I like to say, the United Nations, I have, through my own completely sound methodologies and research based on thousands of websites by well respected entrepreneurial middle class businessmen and people who have titled themselves ‘Dr’ in spite of the academics with their “degrees” and “education”, become somewhat an expert on a number of specialisations. The academics and “scientists” would have us believe you need to devote years to a given discipline before you can get a handle on the knowledgebase, but we enlightened geniuses know that all that is really required is several minutes a day of website based research. As such, I, and many others who know the truth have become so adept at certain “disciplines” that we can now be called multidisciplinary experts. Some areas which I and my fellow truth-seekers have become expert in involve the fields of genetics; geology; quantum physics; statistics; cosmology; chemistry; psychology; archaeology; and history to name but a few. The sceptics argue that there is no way we can know all of this, but that is what we would expect them to say because they have been trained by the New World Order (UN) to only think inside the box. The truth will set you free has never been more apt. The following is a list of ten steps which will help you too, become a multidisciplinary expert;

1) Limit your research to the only reliable (i.e. not controlled by the academics) source – the internet.
2) Never look at or reference academic peer-reviewed articles as they are part of the conspiracy
3) When someone challenges you with their “logic” make sure to tackle the question head-on by avoiding it and countering with rhetoric and ad hominem statements
4) When someone suggests that you don’t know what you are talking about with a given discipline and raise their own research and university training in that area as a point of dispute, quickly label them ‘uncritically thinking, biased, and bigoted know-all academics’ and point out that university training is just for the stupid and arrogant
5) When someone challenges the methodology you are using quickly do a mass factoid drop (usually about half a page long with no real coherence) so that they will have to address each factoid one by one before they can attack your methodology again
6) Whenever someone challenges you on a statement you’ve made quickly cite your right to freedom of speech – everyone knows you don’t need to back up your argument!
7) Never acknowledge or even listen to what someone outside of the enlightened genius elite truth seeker circle might have to say – they are the ‘them’ not the ‘us’
8) Try to research as much as possible from American right-wing websites, they are a gold nugget of truth
9) Remember and continually point out to your opponents that they aren’t open minded and are likely New World Order communists – everyone on the left with socialist leanings are USSR communists
10) Make sure never to read books from well-known publishers, reject everything in the media and academia as a conspiracy and lie, never let anyone tell you you're paranoid and never, ever change your mind.