Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to become a multidisciplinary expert in ten easy steps

During my many hours of google searches on conspiracies orchestrated by the New World Order, or as I like to say, the United Nations, I have, through my own completely sound methodologies and research based on thousands of websites by well respected entrepreneurial middle class businessmen and people who have titled themselves ‘Dr’ in spite of the academics with their “degrees” and “education”, become somewhat an expert on a number of specialisations. The academics and “scientists” would have us believe you need to devote years to a given discipline before you can get a handle on the knowledgebase, but we enlightened geniuses know that all that is really required is several minutes a day of website based research. As such, I, and many others who know the truth have become so adept at certain “disciplines” that we can now be called multidisciplinary experts. Some areas which I and my fellow truth-seekers have become expert in involve the fields of genetics; geology; quantum physics; statistics; cosmology; chemistry; psychology; archaeology; and history to name but a few. The sceptics argue that there is no way we can know all of this, but that is what we would expect them to say because they have been trained by the New World Order (UN) to only think inside the box. The truth will set you free has never been more apt. The following is a list of ten steps which will help you too, become a multidisciplinary expert;

1) Limit your research to the only reliable (i.e. not controlled by the academics) source – the internet.
2) Never look at or reference academic peer-reviewed articles as they are part of the conspiracy
3) When someone challenges you with their “logic” make sure to tackle the question head-on by avoiding it and countering with rhetoric and ad hominem statements
4) When someone suggests that you don’t know what you are talking about with a given discipline and raise their own research and university training in that area as a point of dispute, quickly label them ‘uncritically thinking, biased, and bigoted know-all academics’ and point out that university training is just for the stupid and arrogant
5) When someone challenges the methodology you are using quickly do a mass factoid drop (usually about half a page long with no real coherence) so that they will have to address each factoid one by one before they can attack your methodology again
6) Whenever someone challenges you on a statement you’ve made quickly cite your right to freedom of speech – everyone knows you don’t need to back up your argument!
7) Never acknowledge or even listen to what someone outside of the enlightened genius elite truth seeker circle might have to say – they are the ‘them’ not the ‘us’
8) Try to research as much as possible from American right-wing websites, they are a gold nugget of truth
9) Remember and continually point out to your opponents that they aren’t open minded and are likely New World Order communists – everyone on the left with socialist leanings are USSR communists
10) Make sure never to read books from well-known publishers, reject everything in the media and academia as a conspiracy and lie, never let anyone tell you you're paranoid and never, ever change your mind.

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